Red Dog™ Distortion

The Red Dog™ is a distinctive distortion pedal with simple volume and gain controls to easily dial in tones from a tweed-like overdrive to aggressive punch. The Red Dog was originally voiced to work best as an “always on” distortion and respond to picking dynamics and the volume knob on a guitar. In recent auditions by our family of artists, however, we are finding that the Red Dog™ is also a great distinctive solo machine with a signature note bloom and immediacy not present in other distortion devices, especially above the 12th fret. The Red Dog™ is also a superior solo machine when placed after the Boiling Point™, with the Boiling Point™ set to mild clean boost. The Red Dog will really warm up your jazz tones with the Drive knob set to nearly off. If you are a volume knob player, you will love how this pedal will clean up for a thick, classic rhythm sound.

Mike Hermans demonstrates the Rockbox Red Dog

Original ProGuitarShop demonstration of the Rockbox Red Dog

David from Jet City Music and his original demonstration of the Rockbox Red Dog