• 7 mono loops and 2 stereo loops, plus 1 volume loop
• Changeable loop order per each preset
• 3 Buffers, Input, Output and Movable buffers
• 2 internal unity mixers (Mixer or Spill Over)
• 361 preset memory locations
• 60 banks of 6 presets, plus a Global Preset
• 4 function control switches (Latched / Momentary)
• Mute and Click-Less functions
• Song and Set mode
• Create up to 99 songs
• Organized the 99 songs in to 40 sets of 40 songs
• 8 MIDI Program and 8 MIDI Control Change messages
• Each MIDI message can be stored digitally in each preset
• 25 MIDI Control Change messages by assigned IA switches
• MIDI Time Clock or Analog Tempo out for TAP-TEMPO
• One expression pedal port (global / per preset)
• 2 lines x 24 characters LCD display with blue backlight
• Easily copy presets, banks, songs and sets
• Easily name presets and songs
• Heavy-duty footswitches and gold-plated relays
• Powered by 12VDC(center negative) 300mA
• Dimensions : 420(W) x 96(D) x 68(H) mm
• 16.5(W) x 3.8(D) x 2.7(H) inches
• Weight : 1,450g / 3.2lbs

$849 USD Street $749

The EFX MK-V Audio Controller is the ultimate floor-based switching system. It is a compact, easy to use, has 9 fully programmable loops, 4 function switches and a MIDI foot controller. The EFX MK-V Audio Controller has 360 memory locations, configured as 60 banks of 6 presets, plus a global preset. It can transmit 8 MIDI Program and Control Change and messages on 8 MIDI channels and 25 MIDI Control Change messages on an appointed MIDI channel. Also one continuous controller port(XPDL) is included and can be programmed with a designated MIDI
channel and controller number. The EFX MK-V Audio Controller has two outputs, OUT-L and OUT-R, can be used as stereo outputs, or as
an A/B/Y switch for a mono guitar signal. The EFX MK-V Audio Controller has three low-noise, high quality buffers to prevent the loss of guitar signal. Each buffer can be bypassed/engaged per each preset.